simply vintage


Where did it all start? Simply Vintage by Santana Rose began simply with an aspiration to create unique, handmade, & wearable art. As a designer at heart, I enjoy sketching, painting, a lot of doodling and I love making something out of what appears to be nothing.

Being able to create with my hands is an all time favorite. I have a very active imagination that I tap into when creating my unique pieces. My work was inspired by designs and works of art from the 1940’s vintage-era, that I've fused together using ordinary bottle caps. Imagine the size of a bottle cap, and yet I have been able to create some interesting and intricate designs in them to reflect the personality of the person wearing them.

Why bottle caps? As a little girl I used to collect bottle caps, buttons, broken pieces of jewelry, basically anything that caught my eye and attention. I then would take all my trinkets and create whatever inspired me at that precise moment.

Why now? As a teenager, all I could do was dream of attending a school of fashion. Unfortunately, coming from a one-income family of six, all I could do to learn about fashion was to read a lot of fashion magazines. I would continue to draw and sketch hoping that one day someone famous would notice me. Yes, I was a dreamer! But I never gave up on that dream, and Simply Vintage is that next big step forward to acheiving those dreams.

Where does all this drive come from? It is all mainly due to my beautiful mother who was always sewing and creating beautiful pieces of art herself by knitting & crocheting. She even continues to this day. I inherited her gift of creativity & talent by turning bottle caps of all kinds into necklaces, bracelets and earrings using ‘up-cycled’ bottle caps.

How do you do it? The wearable art makes it fun to accessorize with unique images in each set of items. The inside of the bottle caps are decorated with quality gems and glitter. The miniature photograph is protected by a durable, archival resin that safeguards the image from water damage and fading. The bottle caps are sprayed with a protective coating to prevent them from rusting and maintaining its long lasting beauty!