simply vintage

Monday, February 28, 2011

"Summer Love"

Yellow & White Polka Dot pinwheel embellished with a mini black & white striped bow with a classic pin up cap (designed by Sam) attached with a piece of black veil and a black feather. Match it with a vintage inspired bracelet made of up cycled beer caps infused with beautiful pin ups!
*Simply Vintage by Santanarose*


RetroSkullies is a beautiful pinwheel in black & hot pink plaid ribbon embellished with 2 cute little skulls in a beer cap in front of a pretty daisy print background encased in a clear coat. Attached is a piece of black veil behind lovely black and polka dot feathers. Can be worn with a matching necklace for that added retro look.
*Simply Vintage by Santanarose*


IT'S OFFICIALL! I've entered in the 2011 Orange County Fashion Week Competition. If selected, Simply Vintage by Santanarose jewelry & hair accessories will be worn by my selected models on the catwalk showcasing my fall/winter 2011/2012 line @ The
Artist Village in Santa Ana
May 18 – 22, 2011. Please wish me luck, this is something I've worked really hard for and has been one of my MANY goals and dreams for a long time! THANK YOU! ~> <3
*Simply Vintage by Santanarose*

"Sweet Orchid"

Beautiful White double orchids embellished with to classic Coke bottle caps, black veil for that sexy look and an added zebra striped jewel on a black satin wrapped head band. Custom made.
*Simply Vintage by Santanarose*

"3 Leaf Clover"

Cute St. Paddy's Day hair clip embellished with a. zebra print jewel. You don't wanna get pinched!
*Simply Vintage by Santanarose*

"My Lucky Charm"

Gorgeous design embellished with a Heineken beer cap on a beautiful brown braided leather wrist band with silver snaps. Perfect to dress up your St. Paddy's Day outfit!
*Simply Vintage by Santanarose*

"White Orchids"

These pretty white pair of mini orchids are embellished with a smoked gray jewel on a clip. Will look stunning in casual or dressy attire.
*Simply Vintage by Santanarose*

"Classic Vintage"

Beautiful lime green real like Orchid embellished with a classic pin up image with a pearl and a single feather inside a XX Lager beer cap(cap designed by Sam) on a lovely retro polka dot pin wheel bow on a combo clip/pin. You can wear it as a fabulous hair accessory or pinned on a cute cardigan or formal or vintage style dress.
*Simply Vintage by Santanarose*

Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Sweet Love"

"Sweet Love" this pinwheel bow was made with a retro polka dot ribbon embellished with a lovely lime green love bird with a vintage inspired flare and a shiny crystal clear jewel on a black satin wrapped headband. Custom made for Miss Adrianna <3
*Simply Vintage by Santanarose*

Samanthah Alexis Santana , up & coming designer!

These vintage inspired and iconic beer caps were designed and handcrafted by my very own little designer diva in the making, 11 year old daughter Samanthah Alexis Santana. Aren't they AMAZING? She definitely has an eye for detail, color and design, I think she's hired!
*Simply Vintage by Santanarose*


This one was inspired by the cool beer I found in Wholesome Foods Grocery store, the taste was not bad either (Smile) beautiful hair clip black & white strips with a gorgeous red.
*Simply Vintage by Santanarose*

"Vintage Classic"

Beautiful lime green and black plaid embellished with a fun and flirty pin up image on a black satin hair band.
*Simply Vintage by Santanarose*

Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Pink Skullies"

Super cute hot pink & black plaid print with darling 3D skullies on a alligator/pin combo clip. Ladies can wear it as a hair accessory or pin it on a cute blouse or jacket!
*Simply Vintage by Santanarose*

"Classy gem"

Pretty bow on clip with black and white stripes and polka dots embellished with a beautiful zebra striped jewel.
*Simply Vintage by Santanarose*

"Love Me" headband

"Love Me" design was inspired by my lovely mother's love of beautiful and colorful birds. A fun yet classy piece that can be worn with a pair of classic jeans, white simple T and a black cute cardigan and a pair of black mary janes... Can I say Super Cute?
*Simply Vintage by Santanarose*

Friday, February 25, 2011

Silver Studs

Very cute Black headband wrapped in black satin with a pretty bow and silver studs
*Simply Vintage by Santanarose*

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Simply Risqué

Brooch or Hair clip, black feathers and a couple Peacock feathers with a few small polka dot feathers, on a black satin wrapped silk flower with  a crystal like jewel for a vintage flair.

Simply Classic

Brooch or Hair clip, black feathers with a few small polka dot feathers, a crystal like jewel for a vintage flair
*Simply Vintage by Santanarose*

Monday, February 21, 2011

Simply Red

Handcrafted large red silk flower with black feathers infused with up cycled beer bottle caps and a pretty jewel with a little piece of black veil for that inspired vintage flair
*Simply Vintage by Santanarose*

Simply Sexy

2 Beautiful large Fuschia Orchids with a black zebra print jewel attached to black veil for that sexy look, infused with 2 bottle caps an Amber Bock and another with a classic pin up image on a headband wrapped in black satin. Handcrafted by SVS<3
*Simply Vintage by Santanarose*


*Simply Vintage by Santanarose*


*Simply Vintage by Santanarose*

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Simply Divine

On our way to Fremont street, sporting my Simply Divine black feather vintage inspired hair clip ~SVS
*Simply Vintage by Santanarose*

Saturday, February 19, 2011


As we're driving through the desert to our wonderful destination I am lost in thought as I stare out the window looking for some sort of inspiration to get me to the next level of my creativity. I start to remember quotes that have gotten me by all these years including wise words from my dear family & close friends. However I came across the following excerpt that has made me believe in myself even through the darkest moments when all seemed to be working the opposite. It goes as follows,

By Mastin Kipp,  the Founder of
The Daily Love.

"Push past the point at which you want to give up. The darkest moment is before the dawn. You cannot break through to a new life if you are not willing to fully commit to your outcome.
See all that happens as happening for your best interest. Once you have asked for something it shall be yours, and so will all the blocks that currently exist that are in the way of what you want. These blocks are not there to make you stop, but to make you stronger, wiser and better able to navigate the challenges of life.
Keep the desire burning strong within you to achieve your goal. Desire is the predecessor of manifestation. Then throw yourself into action. Throw yourself into your dream's pursuit. The darkness will come... and it is at THAT moment that you will shine brightest - FROM WITHIN"

It was at this point that I thought of an AMAZING IDEA!!! I cannot tell you what it is yet, but you'll surely see it incorporated in my 2011 Fall/Winter line that I will include as part of my Fashion Week entry!!
*Simply Vintage by Santanarose*